Other name: シュタインズ・ゲート, Shutainzu Gēto
Developed by: 5pb and Nitroplus
Year: April 6, 2011
Episodes: 24
Status: Completed

Steins;Gate takes place in Akihabara and about a group of friends. Above all, have customized their microwave into a device. That can send text messages to the past.

As they perform different experiments. An organization named SERN. Which has been doing their own research on time travel. Hunts them down. In other words, the characters have to find a way out of the grim fate that awaits them. Before anyone perish in the scramble for the power to alter time.

In conclusion, science is like the sun, beautiful, even heartwarming. Yet has such a melancholic tone by the day’s end. “The theory of relativity is so romantic, yet so sad”…

Episode 01: Turning Point

Episode 02: Time Leap Paranoia

Episode 03: Parallel Process Paranoia

Episode 04: Interpreter Rendezvous

Episode 05: Starmine Rendezvous

Episode 06: Butterfly Effect’s Divergence

Episode 07: Divergence Singularity

Episode 08: Chaos Theory Homeostasis I

Episode 09: Chaos Theory Homeostasis II

Episode 10: Chaos Theory Homeostasis III

Episode 11: Dogma in Event Horizon

Episode 12: Dogma in Ergosphere

Episode 13: Metaphysics Necrosis

Episode 14: Physically Necrosis

Episode 15: Missing Link Necrosis

Episode 16: Sacrificial Necrosis

Episode 17: Made in Complex

Episode 18: Fractal Androgynous

Episode 19: Endless Apoptosis

Episode 20: Finalize Apoptosis

Episode 21: Paradox Meltdown

Episode 22: Being Meltdown

Episode 23: Open the Steins Gate

Episode 24: The Prologue Begins With the End

OVA: Egoistic Poriomania