Written by: Satou Tsutomu
Illustrated by: Ishida Kana
Year: 2014-Current
Episodes: 28

The Yotsuba (四葉, よつば, lit. four leaves) family is one of the two most influential and strongest houses in the Ten Master Clans. Bearing the number Four (四) in their name, it is a family in which members’ lives are shrouded in secrecy.

Despite the system of checks and balances to prevent the possibility of Magicians losing control of themselves; placed by the creation of the Ten Master Clans, the Yotsuba family is gradually becoming too powerful, even among the powerful Ten Master Clans; clans who possess the strongest magic abilities in the country.

With Shiba Miyuki, Shiba Tatsuya, and Yotsuba Maya existing in the same family at the same time, it is believed that the Yotsuba may become an existence that will eclipse the Ten Master Clans. Their ever growing power and influence has caused other Ten Master clans to be wary of their growth and status to the point that some of the other clans are trying to weaken them by any means possible.

Episode 01: Enrollment Chapter I

Episode 02: Enrollment Chapter II

Episode 03: Enrollment Chapter III

Episode 04: Enrollment Chapter IV

Episode 05: Enrollment Chapter V

Episode 06: Enrollment Chapter VI

Episode 07: Enrollment Chapter VII

Episode 08: Nine Schools Competition I

Episode 09: Nine Schools Competition II

Episode 10: Nine Schools Competition III

Episode 11: Nine Schools Competition IV

Episode 12: Nine Schools Competition V

Episode 13: Nine Schools Competition VI

Episode 14: Nine Schools Competition VII

Episode 15: Nine Schools Competition VIII

Episode 16: Nine Schools Competition IX

Episode 17: Nine Schools Competition X

Episode 18: Nine Schools Competition XI

Episode 19: Yokohama Disturbance I

Episode 20: Yokohama Disturbance II

Episode 21: Yokohama Disturbance III

Episode 22: Yokohama Disturbance IV

Episode 23: Yokohama Disturbance V

Episode 24: Yokohama Disturbance VI

Episode 25: Yokohama Disturbance VII

Episode 26: Yokohama Disturbance VIII