Written by: Hiro Mashima
Directed by: Shinji Ishihira
Year: 2009- Current
Episodes: 175
Status: Ongoing

It follows the story of Lucy Heartfilia as she seeks to become a member of the famous Fairy Tail Guild. Helped into joining by Natsu Dragneel and Happy, she goes on an array of adventures with them, along with Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet.

Episode 01: Fairy Tail

Episode 02: The Fire Dragon, The Monkey, And The Ox

Episode 03: Infiltrate! The Everlue Mansion!

Episode 04: Dear Kaby

Episode 05: The Armored Mage

Episode 06: Fairies in the Wind

Episode 07: Flame and Wind

Episode 08: The Strongest Team

Episode 09: Natsu Devours a Village

Episode 10: Natsu vs. Erza

Episode 11: The Cursed Island

Episode 12: Moon Drip

Episode 13: Natsu vs. Yuka the Wave User

Episode 14: Just Do Whatever!!

Episode 15: Eternal Magic